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Hiking on Tasmania's Overland Track.
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Overland Track Section-by-Section Overview

The Overland Track is a 65-80km multi-day trek over Tasmania’s high mountain plateau. Along the way you’ll pass through many different ecosystems, climb up a few mountain passes, get some amazing views and stay in rustic huts and campgrounds.…

The view of Barn Bluff from the Windermere campground on the Overland Track
Australia Backpacking

Hiking the Overland Track in Tasmania

When I was planning my trip to Tasmania, I knew I wanted to experience some of the beautiful wilderness that the state is known for. The obvious choice was the Overland Track. It’s a 65+km multi-day traverse through the…

A wombat on Maria Island in Tasmania. One of the best places to see Wildlife in Tasmania, Australia.
Australia Travel

Best Places to See Wildlife in Tasmania

I spent 5 weeks housesitting in North West Tasmania at the beginning of 2019. I thought the highlight of my visit was going to be hiking or food (and both of those were AH-mazing). But the true highlight for…