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Beach hiking on the Ozette Loop

Backpacking Nepal Travel

Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp

In early September of 2016, I went to Nepal to go trekking to Annapurna Base Camp with my husband and two friends. Here’s the story  (and tons of photos) from my ten-day trek. Our guide Chandra, of Pokhara-based Friendly…

tips for hiking in the rain
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5 Tips for Hiking in the Rain

[This post was originally written for and published at] I live in Vancouver, BC on Canada’s wet… I mean West Coast and it rains a lot here. If I waited for it to stop raining, I probably would…

Beach hiking on the Ozette Loop
Backpacking Washington

Ozette Loop Backpacking Trip Guide

Sometimes you want to go on a badass backpacking trip where you summit peaks, make crazy miles each day and start every morning by washing down a tablet (or 4) of Vitamin I (that’s ibuprofen!) with with your coffee.…

Rope swing at Joffre Lakes
Backpacking Gear

Ask Taryn: Backpacking Hygiene

As part of my “Ask Taryn” series D. from the Rockies messaged me on my Facebook page to ask about backpacking hygiene. She writes: My partner and I are planning to do the full 180km Sunshine Coast Trail in…

Winter camping in Fundy National Park
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Winter Camping For Beginners

So you want to go winter camping… but you’re not sure how to stay warm, what gear you’ll need or how to pitch camp in the snow. No worries: I’ve got you covered in this guide to winter camping…