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Moul Falls, one of the many gorgeous waterfalls in Wells Gray Provincial Park near Kamloops, BC
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Chasing Waterfalls in Wells Gray Provincial Park

At the end of September I went on an OMG-summer-is-ending-must-go-camping-before-it’s-too-late trip to Wells Gray Provincial Park near Kamloops, BC. Somehow, I had never been there before. It has a reputation as being a huuuuuge provincial park with tons of…

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Frosty Mountain Larches Fall Hiking Guide

If you think of fall hiking, you are probably picturing strolling through a beautiful maple forest with red and gold leaves everywhere. That kind of scene is quintessentially autumn, but it’s kind of an East Coast cliche. We don’t…

The most Instagrammed Hikes in Vancouver. The best hikes in Vancouver for Instagram photos. (Or the hikes to avoid if you want solitude!)
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Most Instagrammed Hikes in Vancouver

Recently I was trying to make a list of the most popular hikes in Vancouver. I asked friends for their opinion and did some googling, but then I had a better idea: Instagram! Tons of people location tag their…

Joffre Lake Alternatives to Garibaldi lake
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Garibaldi Alternatives: Alpine Backpacking in BC

Starting in 2016, hikers require advance reservations to backcountry camp at Garibaldi Lake, Taylor Meadows and Elfin Lakes in Garibaldi Provincial Park.  These three campgrounds in Garibaldi are probably the most popular place to backcountry camp in BC since…

Crooked Falls in Squamish
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Hike to Crooked Falls in Squamish

When you think of waterfalls in Squamish, you think of Shannon Falls or maybe Brandywine Falls. Those are both amazingly tall waterfalls with easy tourist-in-flipflops-friendly walks to a viewing platform, overflowing parking lots and tons of people with selfie…

Sea to Summit Trail - Alternatives to the Grouse Grind
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Alternatives to the Grouse Grind

If you hike in Vancouver, chances are you’ve done the Grouse Grind or at least heard of it.  It’s a super steep hike that gains 853m of elevation over just 2.9km of trail (for a grade of 29%) and…

Backpacking the Sunshine Coast Trail - Manzanita Bluff
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Backpacking the Sunshine Coast Trail Trip Report

Over the Easter long weekend I spent three days backpacking a section of the Sunshine Coast Trail with a group of friends.  Never heard of the Sunshine Coast Trail? The whole trail is 180 kilometers long and stretches the whole length…

Spring Backpacking Near Vancouver: Olympic Coast
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Ask Taryn: Spring Backpacking Near Vancouver

As part of my “Ask Taryn” series, Carlin emailed me to ask for trip planning help for spring backpacking near Vancouver. She writes: I am originally from Colorado, but live here in Vancouver. I wanted to pick your brain…