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25 stockings stuffers for hikers under $25 that are all totally useful
Gear Gift Guides

25 Stocking Stuffers for Hikers Under $25

Have you seen those stocking stuffers for hikers posts online? Full of $300 gadgets or things that are clearly too large to physically fit in a stocking? Me too. They’re ridiculous. A stocking should be full of fun small,…

The painted cliffs on Maria Island, Tasmania
Australia Travel

How to Visit Maria Island, Tasmania

Maria Island, Tasmania was one of my favourite places I visited in Australia. This little island on the East Coast of Tasmania is kind of like a mini version of the state, without the people. It has everything you…

Mountains reflected in a lake on a quiet hiking trail. Don't like crowds? Here are 15 ways to avoid crowded hiking trails.
Advice Day Hiking

15 Ways to Avoid Crowded Hiking Trails

If you’ve been out on the trails in the last few years you’ve probably noticed something: it’s crowded out there. Hiking has really grown in popularity recently. Some people point to Instagram, others say it’s just part of a…

A woman sits in a kayak on a blue lake. Watch women's adventure films.
Books and Films

80+ Women’s Adventure Films You Can Stream

If you’re stuck inside, watching films about the outdoors can help scratch your need-for-nature itch. With the proliferation of digital cameras and easy-to-use editing software, there are more adventure documentaries than ever before. And like always, most of them…