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The painted cliffs on Maria Island, Tasmania
Australia Travel

How to Visit Maria Island, Tasmania

Maria Island, Tasmania was one of my favourite places I visited in Australia. This little island on the East Coast of Tasmania is kind of like a mini version of the state, without the people. It has everything you…

Camping at Hidden Valley campground in Joshua Tree National Park. Just one of our recommendations for the best places to stay near Joshua Tree.
California Travel

Best Places to Stay Near Joshua Tree

.Joshua Tree, California is a pretty unique place. Located in the desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, it’s famous for gorgeous scenery, hiking, camping, and an eclectic arts scene. So it should be no surprise that you can…

Advice Backpacking Day Hiking

How to Leave No Trace With Dogs

As a Leave No Trace trainer, I’m pretty passionate about teaching people the importance of keeping the wilderness wild and minimizing our impact. While I’m pretty well-versed in the theory behind leaving no trace while hiking with a dog,…