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Memories of 2017

As another trip around the sun rolls to an end, it’s time for my annual memories post! (If you’re new here, check out my old posts from 2014, 2015, and 2016). It was a tough year for my body…

Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival 2017

VIMFF 2017: My top film picks

Oh February, it’s rainy and grey. At this time of year outdoorsy people are doing one of two things: hoping that the rain that’s falling in the city is falling as snow in the mountains, or wistfully making summer…

The Enchantments, Washington

Memories of 2016

As is tradition around this corner of the internet, here are my favourite memories of 2016. (How many years do you have to do something to make it a tradition? I did this in 2014 and 2015, so I…

Garibaldi Lake

You Killed a Bear

Dear Garibaldi Lake Hikers and Campers: Yesterday, you killed a bear. You have been coming up to the lake for weeks this summer. You leave trash beside the lake and on the trail. You drop food on the ground…

Jessa Gilbert #getoutoftownvibe

Jessa Gilbert: #getoutoftownvibe

This post is part of a series here on Happiest Outdoors called “More Than Outdoors” where I chat with outdoorsy people who take their connection with the backcountry a little further, who do a little bit more outdoors. Jessa…

Vancouver Wildlife viewing - heron cam

Vancouver Wildlife Viewing… From Your Couch!

One of the highlights of spending time outdoors is spotting wild animals. I’ve seen black bears, whales, mountain goats, lots of birds, deer, moose, elk, marmots and once even a wolverine. However, seeing wildlife while hiking is a game…

Trail running in North Vancouver

I’ll Admit It: I’m a Runner

Yesterday I was shuffling along the Stanley Park seawall here in Vancouver.  The cold wind whipped rain into my face, my hip ached, my clothes were soaked through and my race bib rattled with every lurching step.  How did…

Rope swing at Joffre Lakes

Memories of 2015

The highlights of my year aren’t what happened at work or who won the sports championship; the highlights of my year are the time I’ve spent outside.  Like last year, I hiked about 700 kilometres in 2015, took countless…

How I got my stolen bike back

How I Got My Stolen Bike Back… And What I Learned

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you will have heard that last week my bike was stolen.  Apparently I have the best luck in the world because 24 hours after it went missing, the Vancouver Police…