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tips for hiking in the rain
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5 Tips for Hiking in the Rain

[This post was originally written for and published at] I live in Vancouver, BC on Canada’s wet… I mean West Coast and it rains a lot here. If I waited for it to stop raining, I probably would…

Winter camping in Fundy National Park
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Winter Camping For Beginners

So you want to go winter camping… but you’re not sure how to stay warm, what gear you’ll need or how to pitch camp in the snow. No worries: I’ve got you covered in this guide to winter camping…

Nissan X-Terra on the Dempster Highway
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8 Tips for the Best Road Trip Ever

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I just got back from an amazing road trip to Northern BC, the Yukon, Alaska and the Rocky Mountains.  We drove 8,000+ kilometers in 25 days! (That’s over 5000 miles…

bear safe campsite
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Make Your Fall Backpacking Trip a Success

Many people think backpacking season ends on the Labour Day weekend.  Well they’re wrong!  September and October can be a great time to go backpacking, as long as you are prepared.  Here are my top 5 tips to make…