Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops

A group of hikers walks down a trail in a green forest

Are you concerned about keeping the wilderness wild?

You’ve heard the saying “pack it in, pack it out”, but did you know that there are many other steps we can take to help protect the natural places we love?

Learn more at a Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop!


What is Leave No Trace?

The US Forest Service developed the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace in the 1960s. The idea behind the principles is to leave nature as unchanged by our presence as possible, so that future generations can enjoy it too. In essence, the purpose of Leave No Trace is to keep the wilderness wild.


You Will Learn

  • The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace and how to apply them when you hike, camp, or spend time outdoors
  • Specific skills for pre-trip planning, trail use, going to the bathroom, coexisting with wildlife, and much more
  • How to help your friends and other outdoorspeople learn about Leave No Trace
  • How to advocate for Leave No Trace on social media


Who is this Workshop For

In a word: “everyone”. The outdoors are for everyone and we can all benefit from learning about how to respect the natural world. Workshops are open to all experience levels since both beginners and experienced hikers can learn more about Leave No Trace and how to help others learn too.


The Workshop Hike

Typically, Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops take place on a small group hike on a Vancouver-area trail. Our destination will depend on weather, trail conditions and group fitness levels. 

All hikes will have an easy or moderate rating. However, we will be hiking on trails that can be rooty, rocky and uneven. We will encounter stairs and hills. All hikes are at a relaxed pace with many stops to learn about Leave No Trace. 

You will learn as a group through informal dialogue and several interactive activities. There will also be lots of time for questions and discussion.


What to Bring

Workshops take place rain or shine. Please bring rain gear. Since the workshop will involve several stops, please bring a warm layer to put on during breaks. Bring a foam bum pad to sit on if you have one.  Pack water, lunch, and some snacks. 


Your Instructor

Taryn Eyton is a Leave No Trace Master Educator and has been teaching Leave No Trace workshops since 2006. She runs the adventure travel website, Happiest Outdoors.


Book a Workshop

To schedule a workshop for your organization, please email taryn[at]happiestoutdoors[dot]ca. We will work together to design a workshop that meets your groups needs.

Taryn also hosts workshops for individuals several times a year. To find out when the next public workshop is happening, please follow Happiest Outdoors on Facebook.