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Tips for Hiking in Hot Weather

Summer is the best time to hike: the snow has melted, the flowers are blooming and the skies are blue. But unfortunately that also means it can often get ridiculously hot. I’m really heat sensitive (I wilt in hot…

bear safe campsite
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Ask Taryn: Bear Safety

Recently I wrote a post called “You Killed A Bear” that ended up getting way more online attention than I had anticipated. My message in that post was that less experienced hikers should read up about bear safety before…

Winter hiking at Bowen Lookout
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Ask Taryn: What to Wear for Winter Hiking

Do you have questions on how to choose gear, where to go hiking, backcountry etiquette or something else about the outdoors? Well you’re in luck.  This is the first post of a new series here on that I’m…

Pacific Spirit Park in the snow
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Hiking through the Cold Season

If you’re like me, hiking is a year round activity.  I’m not a big winter person (sorry!) and I’m not into skiing so when winter rolls around, I just keep hiking.  If there’s enough snow I’ll wear snowshoes, but…