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An abandoned building at the Parkhurst Ghost Town in Whistler, BC
Day Hiking Vancouver Area

Hike to Parkhurst Ghost Town in Whistler

If you want to get off-the-beaten-path in Whistler, try hiking to Parkhurst Ghost Town. This former logging settlement on the shores of Green Lake is littered with historical artefacts including collapsed buildings, abandoned cars, old stoves, and even an…

Mountains reflected in a lake on a quiet hiking trail. Don't like crowds? Here are 15 ways to avoid crowded hiking trails.
Advice Day Hiking

15 Ways to Avoid Crowded Hiking Trails

If you’ve been out on the trails in the last few years you’ve probably noticed something: it’s crowded out there. Hiking has really grown in popularity recently. Some people point to Instagram, others say it’s just part of a…

A group hiking at Lake O'Hara in Canada's Yoho National Park. Things to do before a hike
Advice Day Hiking

16 Things to do Before a Hike

When we talk about going hiking, there’s a lot of chatter about “being prepared”. But what exactly does that mean? What things should you do before a hike? Over the years I’ve developed a bit of a routine before…

A hiker in Yellowstone National Park. Best hikes in Yellowstone National Park
Day Hiking Wyoming

Best Hikes in Yellowstone National Park

This June I spent 10 days in Yellowstone National Park. Of course, we drove around and saw all the geysers, hot springs, and wildlife. But we also did a LOT of hiking. However, Yellowstone is huge. There are too…